To catch up: turned out she had caught an earlier flight. So she was arriving at Terminal 1 while I was at Terminal 3 reading my email. I finally got her email telling me that when I got to the Offerdahl's the afternoon of the 2nd. So when I finally saw her a couple of hours later, she was busy with other stuff and she didn't seem particularly happy to see me. I was kind of depressed; went out to program some more but couldn't really get into it. Then went to Chauncy's but didn't feel like singing karaoke either. Terry, one of my karaoke compadres, bought me a drink, which I took as a shot of Jack Daniels, and that helped a bit. On arriving home after midnight, she was still very standoffish. Finally after questioning for a while, I find out it's my B.O. After a shower, life is happy again.

Now the night of the 4th, I'm finding out she isn't too happy about the beard either. Not sure what, if anything, I'm going to do about that.

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