Just woke up from an afternoon nap on Hollywood Beach. This has gotta be the healthiest way to live, breathing fresh air and relaxing to the sound of the ocean waves. We weren't meant to be boxed up in houses.

Anyway, the idea popped into my mind of a bot that listens for questions in its own efnet (or whatever) channel and answers them for me. I would name mine #jcomeau.com for example. And I would program it to answer questions from my perspective, and keep it active forever. I will be able to ask it questions myself, which will be a big help when writing programs, because I can't remember one month after a php job what most of the functions are. But it will be of use to others too; my buddies taz and tones, for example, could make their own bots and our bots could ask each other questions. Maybe they would become self-aware and live, and continue to learn, long after we've passed away! And other people could access our copious wisdom for eternity.

I'm still amazed that nobody seems to be offering eternal domain name registration, hosting, dedicated servers, etc. Maintenance costs on these things are so minimal, due among other factors to Moore's Law, that if a company can bootstrap itself into existence by getting lots of money up front, by investing the money wisely they could easily make good on the eternal service while having plenty of cash to make payroll. Well, maybe it wouldn't be easy. But it would be doable.

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