So my last gold coin didn't last 3 weeks, only 2 and a half. Still an improvement. But the one I sold on the 5th never made it to the buyer, and I already threw away the insurance receipt from the P.O. Even though I paid with my PayPal card, and they can get the insurance number from the transaction number, they won't, so I'm out 420-some-odd dollars.

Went to the Sports Rock Lounge near my house for the first time in a few years. Now they've got Guinness on tap, a juke box, karaoke on Wednesday nights, and when the kitchen closes you can get pistachios or mixed nuts from the vending machine. Now, that's my kind of bar. No more Chauncy's for me. Well, at least not as often.

Went fishing this evening, a few hits on my shrimp but no catches. It was probably just puffers. I was trying in the Intracoastal just south of the bridge over Hollywood Boulevard. At least there are still coconuts in easy reach on the palms there, so I filled up on coconut milk. And after losing 3 shrimp I walked to the park just north of Angelo's pizza and cooked the rest in my little frypan over my Esbit portable stove. Now I'm on the bus back home.

I've been thinking more about the underground economy. Everybody should be able to get away with running businesses like stores, restaurants, and bars from their homes, without licenses or any other official harassment. At least with restaurants and bars, you could say it's a party. A 24-hour, 7-days a week party that everyone in the neighborhood is invited to, year- round! (I wouldn't try this up north, but in a tropical climate it might work.) Put a donation jar on top of the bar, and let people pay what they want, but keep an eye on it, and have some way of giving freeloaders the boot. Maybe I'll come up with some way to advertise these on unternet.net so that only like-minded people can see the pages. If you've got any ideas along these lines please email me.

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