Does anybody know of a shipping company that doesn't fuck you over every chance it gets? GOD DAMN! UPS, USPS, and FedEx. Still a bunch more to go I guess.

I tried to use the UPS website to send a package last year. Turns out to use the online method I had to print the label myself. I don't have a printer, so I shipped it from the Office Depot instead (it's a UPS affiliate). But I later found out UPS had charged me for the incomplete online transaction! And after several back-and-forth emails with their customer support droids, they completely refused to issue a credit. They said I had to deal with MasterCard to get the charges reversed.

So, I went to USPS. On the 5th I sent a gold coin to my eBay buyer, and he still hasn't received it. But I thought he had, and threw away my insurance receipt. Even though I paid by credit card and they can tie my transaction ID to my insurance number (which I know, by the way, I always email it to the buyer), they refuse to do so and so I'm out $420.

So yesterday, I opened an online account with FedEx. They charged my credit card 3 times for $10.00 each. After speaking to some bozo who didn't know what I was talking about, I called back and got someone named Hazel who glibly explained that each time I access my account online, it will automatically submit a charge to my credit card for $10.00. "It's the bank doing that, it's not us". Once my account is verified, that will stop, and in any case the charges won't be completed, they'll just time out and after 11 days my money will be there. Wonderful. Well, why don't they warn anybody about that? She ignored the question.

Going to the Publix right now to take the rest of my money out of the PayPal account. See ya later.

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