Finally got a cygwin replacement for the winsound module working. I probably could have figured out how to get the one that came with the Windows Python distribution working under Cygwin but it was more fun rolling my own.

Had a flat tire (well, the whole wheel actually) on my little collapsible luggage cart today. Luckily I was right in front of Wallgreen's at the time so I found a piece of luggage with wheels and bought it. My cornet and Hennessy hammock fit perfectly inside, and my laptop case stacks on top. Let's see how long this lasts, the luggage cart only lasted what, 3 weeks? Not the worst $25 I ever spent, but still bad. Now before this falls apart I'd better have some spare wheels made for it.

Now to get back to my wav2mid conversion program. Got another hour before this Starbucks closes.

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