A lot has happened. First of all, that piece-a-shit luggage I bought from Wallgreens fell apart in only a few hours! Both one of the wheels and the main zipper! And I had thrown away the damned receipt so I can't get my money back. $20 down the toilet.

Then, I found out from my buyer in NJ that he got his gold coin! Finally, after 3 weeks, USPS delivers!

Tonight, I found in a web search how to compile executables under Cygwin so that they don't need the cygwin DLL: use -mno-cygwin as a switch to gcc. It then uses MinGW to link with the Visual C runtime, msvcrt.dll. So I changed a lot of my Makefiles and recompiled. The 2bit program wouldn't link though; it turns out index() is a gcc thing, apparently, and had to change all my index calls to strchr() instead. That fixed the link problem, but then the executable failed to produce a matching chr3.fa file from a previously 2bitted one. So I fixed the Makefile to continue using the cygwin libraries until I get around to fixing the C code. I'm pretty sure it has to do with my crappy treatment of newlines.

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