Whenever I hear Hall and Oates's Kiss on my List, something tells me there's something programmed into me that uses that as a lookup key. If you've read Frank Herbert's Dune series - I can't remember any of the details here, so bear with me - towards the end of the last (6th) book, the pilot was having strange dreams, and it turns out he was seeing the beings who were attempting to trap him in their net. I feel there's something connecting that concept with this song.

Wow, if you could follow that train of thought you might be as crazy as I am.

It's raining pretty steady today since about 10 this morning local time, so I didn't get much sleep. Maybe 3 hours. Going to be another unproductive night programming probably. Not sure how long they're going to tolerate me at the airport anyway, staying all night every night, plugged into their electricity and using China Airlines' VIP lounge free wireless (can't do both at the same time - the electricity is in the back and the signal is too weak from there). But it's a nice TAZ while it lasts. (google taz hakim bey, I'm not online presently).

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