I paid about 100 bucks for that stupid James Bond 007 camera and often forget I have it with me. Well, today I remembered, and took a picture of one of the storm drain posters that Long Beach provides to educate the populace. If you know anyone at the South Florida Water Management District, maybe see if they would be willing to work with the cities and towns in that area to do something similar. I also snapped a couple images of the actual warning by the drains but they didn't come out good.

(image: Croc bite) Got a serious crocbite today. One of my Crocs got stuck somehow in the escalator at the 7th street exit at the north end of LA's Blue Line. I didn't realize it till I was near the top, at which point I tried to step up the last 3 or so stairs and my right foot didn't move. When it jammed in at the top, I naturally panicked and pulled my foot all the way out of the sock, probably saving my toes. The emergency stop button on the damned thing is all but impossible to find. Bad design. The metro sent a supervisor out to assess the situation. He was this big, muscular, cynical-looking Latino who looked me up and down with my beard, serape, dirty pants and bit-off shoe and probably thought I was trying to scam the city or something. In any case, he didn't give me an awful lot of hope of getting reimbursed. We'll see.

The whole freakin' train ride was to find the laundromat that I saw once at one of the stops, but couldn't find today. After that incident, I rode all the way back to Long Beach, where I got off at 5th street and got some cheap mocs at Wal-mart, along with a new American Tourister flight bag (my laptop case had just lost another strap today). I paid $40 for the luggage; they had some there for half that, but I'm tired of cheap shit that doesn't last 24 hours. The laptop bag was American Tourister, and it lasted a year of real abuse, so I trust their brand a little. Then walked up 4th street back to the Portfolio, stopping at one of the laundromats along the way to clean my outer clothes. I don't mind looking eccentric, but have to draw the line at where my nose starts to take notice.

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