(image: barrel cactus
fruit) This is a fruit from the barrel cactus growing outside the post office in downtown Deming, NM; I took the fruit, and the picture, before I left but forgot to post it until now. Cacti are amazingly diverse and most seem to be edible. The past few days I've been eating the tunas, that is the fruits, of a prickly pear plant that grows outside a hotel a few blocks from the house.

Yes, we're back together, the bearded vagabond and the lovely artist. Too gutless to face the issues, I'm just enjoying the time together and not dredging up any of the problems that made this reunion seem so unlikely just a few days ago.

At the moment I'm in the Starbucks at American Plaza in San Diego, drinking Guatemala Antigua, my favorite, and getting ready to head on the Blue Line to the Home Depot near the Sports Arena; the tile in the house in Rosarito Beach has some stains that won't come out, and I'm hoping some Trisodium Phosphate will do the trick. This Starbucks is within reach of free wireless in addition to the silly T-Mobile service, so I'm making use of that and their free power.

This is where we reunited, just two days ago. While sitting here at the same place, a beautiful girl in a platinum-blonde wig came up and kissed me. I don't know if all is forgiven; actually, I doubt it; but moments like this are what I live for. I think all men innately want to be their woman's hero; and when their woman's estimation of them has fallen so low for that to be possible, life kind of loses its meaning and purpose. One can, as I did, seek alternate meaning in survivalism or another endeavor, but it leaves a huge gaping hole in one's psyche.

Now that I'm sleeping in a regular bed again, I'm sleeping too many hours and don't have nearly as much time left in the day to hack. I'll have to work something out; my progress on PostForth, my other software, and my websites is suffering. But, as goes the Mexican motto: mañana.

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