Between the dopamine or whatever it is that fogs one's brain when enjoying marital bliss, and a wicked headache that lasted over two days, I haven't made much progress with anything. But I finally just managed to finish a program that should have taken me 20 minutes or so to write (but took probably 8 hours over 4 days). See my sources for brainwave.py. Make sure to get my latest libraries, particularly those in the midi/ subdirectory; you might get some hint on how to install them by looking at the Makefile in the lib/ subdirectory.

This was in response to something I saw in some online forum about how, by playing slightly different frequencies into each ear, you could coerce your brainwaves to align themselves with the beat frequency, dropping your level of consciousness to an Alpha, Delta, or Theta state rather than the normal waking Beta state. Though the program seems to be working right, I haven't had any luck with the brain sync stuff. I've heard rumors that you can die playing with this shit, so be careful.

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