Might as well take a quick break from Troy's program and give you a brief update on those weird blogs from a day or two or three ago (losing all track of time, sorry). Turns out I was going North, towards L.A., rather than South towards Old Town as I intended. Not sure how I got my directions mixed up, but that's what happened. I finally found this out when I picked a road that took me back to the last trolley stop I had passed, and I found out that it was the last trolley stop, Mission San Diego (not Old Mission as I had written before). All that trolley track I had been following was apparently under construction or repair or whatever. Maybe they're in the process of joining their trolley to L.A.'s system (which would be too cool as far as I'm concerned). Anyway, even though I spent all that night walking in circles, it was a hell of an experience and I don't regret a minute of it.

Anyway, I've been back in Rosarito for a little over 24 hours now, have had a shower (which I desperately needed), washed my clothes, and had a nice walk on the beach with my sweetheart. Life is good.

But, got to get some work done, and still no internet at home, despite the false alarm (though the phone number has a ringback, it's not installed, just programmed at the central office; and the MSN popup I got was probably due to our house-sitter back in Florida turning on the computer there). Accordingly, heading back across the border tomorrow, to the land of Starbucks and dollar Double Cheeseburgers at Mickey D's.

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