I wonder if that old guy was the Architect? Just kidding.

This Kinko's plays some good rock-n-roll. This is a nice place to work. Free internet and power all night long, nobody hassles you, don't even have to buy coffee to stay here. (In fact, you can't.)

I realized that I'm slowly getting back my sense of mystery and wonder about the world, that was lost when I got sucked into various religions, and then finally into the Matrix of financial and governmental control. I had a feeling I would restore it, after reading The Story of B, but wasn't sure it would happen this quickly, if at all. It's a wonderful feeling. Sometimes there's fear and/or uncertainty, but almost always there's an expectance of something wonderful about to happen. And then it does. I haven't had that since wandering throught the woods of Maine as a kid looking for edible plants, or fishing in the lake.

Well, gotta get into my programming. Keep getting sidetracked. I'm still a little giddy from the whole experience of getting here.

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