Took me about 20 hours or so to walk from Old Town San Diego to El Camino Bignum in Carmel Valley. I got here too late to put my cash in the Bank of Internet, so I get to carry it around for another night. Luckily there's a Kinko's here at the shopping center with free wired net access! Got to finish this program for my customer and get paid!

Ate nopal and barberries along the way here, and slept for an hour or two on the beach in Torrey Pines Park. I'm glad I didn't buy the monthly pass from SD Transit, otherwise I'd be missing out on all this lovely scenery and free food!

By the way, I've almost recovered from my nearly disastrous experiment with the solar cooker yesterday. There was a war going on in my bowels all night though, and a good part of the day. I just ate some cooked salmon from the Jimbo's health food store. Feeling much better, thank you very much.

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