OK guys, I got the message from Tones, I've been slacking off. That's the dopamine effect; the survivalist experiments are on the back burner for now, and I'm trying to see if I can generate a positive cash flow for my journeys into the Matrix. I finished another small job at rentacoder.com, and waiting for my customer's approval for the medium-sized job. Wow, what a hassle a completed GUI app is. Every little pushbutton has to be coded. I don't know if I ever want to do another one of those again... but I'm still glad for the experience.

That raw lamb I ate a few days ago was probably ultimately responsible for a nasty cold I've got. I imagine a parasite infestation has my immune system tied up, and every stinking little virus can kick my ass meanwhile. So I'm taking lots of hot peppers, plus cloves and cascara sagrada to kill the worms, and let my leukocytes and macrophages handle all the little stuff.

I maybe found a way I can study genetics for free. By volunteering as a lab assistant at UCSD (or any school, but that's closest) I get to use the equipment and learn the stuff. Got to do some asking around.

In the past week since I last wrote, I ate nopal, kelp (right off the beach in San Diego County's Torry Pines State Park) and some as-yet- unidentified fruits from San Ysidro. Made my way back across the border maybe 3 or four days ago, and since then, as I said, I've been trying to finish the programs I contracted for. La dueña is busy with construction here at the house in Rosarito Beach, and with this cold and possible parasite infestation I haven't spent much time with her... but just being home has a very mellowing effect on my psyche, and I'm not nearly as ambitious now as I was just a few days ago.

Did I mention that bread (or grains in general) might contain a drug that causes domestication? I've been thinking about that. Hunter-gatherers start eating wheat, barley and corn, and suddenly they no longer want to wander around, they'd rather build houses and farms. Ducks, fish, deer, squirrels, all eat bread ravenously and when they do they lose all fear of humans and become like pets. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the wheat genome has far more genes than do humans! (Can't find any particulars with web searches lately though.) Could the gods have brought grains here from Nibiru to help domesticate us?

I'm looking for a way to post some banners or text ads here in the blog to make some money off you freeloaders... if they get too irritating though, let me know and I'll remove them. Hell, I'm moving in so many directions at once, it may never happen anyway.

OK, that's all you get for now. Get back to work, you lazy hobbitses.

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