Only 9:16 PM local time and I've only got $5 left of my $20/day budget. If I can't do any better than this I'm better off just borrowing a couple more days in advance and getting my $45 ticket to Deming. Ain't no way I'm gonna spend any money in the desert.

The Starbucks on the corner of 25th (?) (not sure - too dark to see now) and Wilshire in Santa Monica is within reach of a free Linksys AP in addition to the evil T-Mobile. I've been here for hours killing time in the online discussion groups. So, didn't learn anything valuable today. Took a bath this morning in the cold Pacific and slept on the beach until the burning sun cooked me to the point where more sleep became impossible. I didn't ask (I always like to keep the "ignorance" defense whenever possible) but it looks as though you can fish off the Santa Monica pier without a license. Saw a guy catch a little one and keep it, so cast in my yo-yo for a few minutes with a piece of fishtail that I found on the dock, but no luck.

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