Just barely made it into town, even though the wind was at my back for at least 4 miles of the trip, and wasn't fighting me for any of it. Not sure what's causing this severe loss of energy, whether I'm following the diet too strictly or not strictly enough. Ate an orange and some bananas a little while ago, also a forbidden chocolate donut, and then a forbidden Wendy's Chili (forbidden only because of the beans), and now drinking coffee while using Wendy's power.

I lost the bid on the programming contract, so now I've either got to figure out how to get my strength back and continue working on my lot, or give up and go back to civilization where I can at least do some programming at RAC or on the Hipbone games. If I could just get Apache working again, I could do some programming here. Well, I guess I could boot into Linux also, but the problem with that is, I can't get read/write access to my XP NTFS from Linux, and I can't directly access my EXT2 filesystem from XP (only through Explore2FS), so I'd have to have 2 copies of the files and keep them in sync. That's a royal pain.

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