Rode all last night to Deming; got to Rockhound Rd. just as the sun was peeking over the horizon, and was at McD's getting my $1 Sausage & Egg McMuffins by 7:20AM local time. I had stopped and slept for about an hour along the way, when I was really dragging; not good to fall asleep while riding and drift in front of oncoming traffic.

Been searching all day for a butane soldering iron, none of the stores here carry them I guess. Now that I've got the Averatec battery problem solved, all I need is that plus some conductive tape and I'll have my laptop solar powered (by trickle-charging the battery). Good enough for a daily blog update, and upload where available.

Stomach finally back to normal, eating about a 50-50 protein/carb mix. On the way back home last night I was munching pecans and sunflower seeds and taking vitamin C, and drinking lots of water. It is so comforting having an adequate supply of water on these New Mexico roads!

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