I'm actually getting used to the taste of those oranges. Maybe now a store-bought orange will seem like candy to me! And the barrel cactus fruits are delicious as always. It looks like you're eating wax but it doesn't feel nor taste like it. It's very pleasant. And the seeds appear to be very oily, which is good for energy. Possibly very nutritious as well.

Forgot to mention, I read Daniel Quinn's After Dachau today. Remembered now because I just dropped it in the night drop at Himmel branch, next to the park (where there's power I'm plugged into!). An interesting novel with reincarnation as part of the plot, but nothing really grabbed me about it. The characters, Jason and Mallory, seemed to have pretty much the same dynamic as Jared and Shirin of The Story of B: strong woman and (relatively) weak, bumbling man. Maybe that's how Quinn percieves himself and Rennie? Still looking for a copy of Ishmael. It's really easy (and free) to get a library card here in Tucson. I didn't really want another card in my pocket, but it was necessary in order to use the computer.

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