Hmm, what did I do all day? Slept in Himmel Park; rode around on the bike; ate a little here, a little there; visited all the remaining Kinko's and Starbucks within reasonably easy reach that I could find; and decided to leave for Phoenix tomorrow (well, actually, later today, since it's long past midnight already). So I canceled all my outstanding bids on the contract programming sites and have been playing with my Apache 2 config. Turns out I hadn't configured it for SSL support; but it's done now. The pub site is back online locally, and I've got to work on the applet. I should also, perhaps more importantly, be working on the storefront.

I've got some more applications in with Starbucks for all the technical jobs between New Mexico and Southern Cal. I hopefully improved my chances by changing my cover letter, resume, and other inputs. Part of me is still scared of a regular job, but it seems like such a nice place, I could probably hack it.

My butt is healing, turns out it may have had nothing to do with the bike after all; it's probably still the scabies; the damn things likely never died. Two days of using the benzoate and the pain is all but gone. Got to keep using it this time, day after day, until the little bastards are all destroyed.

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