I went looking for a Starbucks, to get a good dose of wake-up juice to sustain another all-nighter at Kinko's. I really didn't get enough sleep this morning. Well, the first one I found was closed. So I headed to 7th and McDowell, where I thought I remembered the next-closest one was, but found My Florist Cafe instead. I just barely had enough for a cup, it came to $1.89; and only 30-odd cents left for a tip. Not good. Also, I wanted something to munch on, and they had a nut mix for $3. So I did something I shouldn't, used my "infrastructure money", my PayPal balance, to pay for it. I then regretted it, because the "nuts" turned out to be mostly those Japanese rice-snack thingies. You know, the ones shaped like little fish, and dried peas, and other such carbohydrate-and-legume nonsense. Well, anyway, what's done is done. I now have a grand total of $5.88 left in that account. Got to get off my lazy ass and do some programming on RAC. For real this time. Maybe. There has to be a better way...

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