Just thought of one of the things I forgot previously: an example of what "totalitarian agriculture" (Daniel Quinn's term in The Story of B) does: for one thing, it sucks more groundwater out of the earth than hundreds of families. One farm in Deming will pump thousands of gallons, maybe tens or hundreds of thousands, in a single week, to irrigate its crops. Now, that water is a commons, a shared resource. Yet these farmers are hogging the lion's share of it, and dropping the water table more and more every year. Without this form of agriculture, the water table in Deming might even stay the same, being replenished by whatever rain there is during the year; there are so few people living there! But the way it stands, it looks as though it could be sucked completely dry in another 20 years or so (wild-assed guess).

What gives them the right to take all this water? Nothing does; yet nothing prohibits it either. Until we as a society complain and make our voice heard, this "rape of Gaia" will continue unabated. Same goes for motorists (yes, I was one once too); they merrily go along, polluting the air, ground, plants and animals all along their path. Plus, they endanger lives. If everyone walked or biked, instead of maneuvering these killing machines all over creation, the world would be a much safer place. Just because they can afford the price of gasoline gives them the right to do all this damage? No, but it's accepted by society as a whole. And that's the problem.

As you can see, I don't have any answers, just more questions. Just wanted to air that one.

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