Well, I was going to leave tonight, heading towards LA, but for some reason I just don't feel up to it. Didn't do much at all today productive, except that I washed my clothes. Some laundromats here along Indian School Road have 50 cents wash, 25 cents dry. Not bad at all. Too bad I lost my $4 box of Borax somewhere between Food City and the laundry. At least I had filled my bottle with it.

Still trying to get MIDI sound in Linux. Trying with 2.6 kernels but problems keep occurring; it was locking up during boot, mousepad was no longer clickable with just a touch (I had to reboot to Windows to fix that one), and not really making any headway with the ALSA drivers (nor OSS, which I'm trying though they're deprecated). For a while there, I think I had kmidi working but not any more. Damn. But that wouldn't have been good enough anyway, since I need the ability to transpose and drop tracks/channels.

Good thing Kinko's has its laptop workstations. Haven't found any places with free wireless yet. Although the weak battery doesn't help in that regard, since I can't go prowling for an hour at a time any more. 5 minutes is about tops. And each time I use it from the battery, I lose a fraction of a volt that no amount of solar recharging seems to recover.

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