Well, I came out of retirement today, officially. The end of my two year and two months vacation. Went to San Ysidro to send off my wetsuit to the eBay purchaser, and got back just in time (3PM local time) to open the internet cafe. Haven't had any customers yet, but I don't mind having the computer and coffee to myself.

Quick question: how do you autostart apps in KDE? Answer: you make links to them in $HOME/.kde/Autostart/. Like so:

$ cd .kde/Autostart
$ ln -s /usr/bin/firefox .
$ ln -s /usr/bin/gaim .

I also tried amsn but for some reason it pulls up an editor window with the script rather than executing it. No biggie, it's on the desktop if people want it.

I'm psyched. This might really work. I'm going to automate it to the point where it practically runs itself, set up an MLM-type structure so people will bring their friends, and even have incentives like 15 minutes, or a cup of coffee, free to new customers who sign up. I'll still allow walk-ins who just want to use it without signing up, of course. And it will all be done as a non-business. As a party, in fact. Some people are coordinators, others are guests, but it's not a business, it's an all-night internet party. No permits, no taxes, no bullshit.

I'll be building some webpages detailing this at rosarito.kicks-ass.net. A little at a time. No stress this time. A little at a time.

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