Still building a bulletproof case against Mr. Salvatore Wise Jr. Both his online identity and his "father's" use the exact same brand of illiteracy; the same misspellings of "toke" for "took", and "dame" for "damn", among many others, the lack of apostrophes in "I'm" and before the 's' on possessives, and the lack of a space after a comma or period. I've been putting off posting this because it will alert him and he might change that; but what the hell, he's as good as caught now.

Can anybody reading this verify if there really is a scooter shop on the corner of W. Passyunk and 19th Street? I haven't been able to find it in a web search. If you could get me its address and/or phone number it would be great! I'll paypal you a dollar! And chances are, you'll get your name in my book - I really do intend to write one if this ends up as I'm expecting it will.

The slashdotting helped get me in the door for a programming gig too; of course it's up to me as to whether or not I can keep it!

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