Well, well, well. Sal is back with his side of the story (mirrored here), and now claims it isn't dear old Dad but mean old Uncle Vinnie, the local Mafia Don, who was the devil that made him do it all. He's putting a space after his punctuation now, I guess someone's helping him, but his spelling and grammar is just about as bad as before.

He wants proof that I paid him, or he won't refund me. The number of the Postal money order is 9186744234, bought Sept. 25, 2003 at the Pembroke, Maine post office. The amount was $405.00. No, Sal, I don't have the receipt any more. But that doesn't let you off the hook.

You're right about NBC's picture of you, it doesn't do you justice. Handsome dude you are. You'll be real popular in prison I bet.

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