Well, as the whole world knows by now, the Sal Wise story got Slashdotted again...

It's funny how things get twisted around on Slashdot (or anywhere people discuss what they read)... Now there are people calling Sal "Sam" and making the connection to LOTR. And Vincent M[ae]ssina has somehow been transmogrified into Vince Foster. Maybe by tomorrow it'll be Jodie Foster. I think what happens is that only a few people read the original article (in this case it's hard to blame them because Justin's T1 can't handle a slashdotting at all), and when they make comments, later people riff off those first few comments, thinking that their authors actually read the article... when you go down a few levels deep, you get posts which are so far removed from the original topic there is little resemblance.

To me, Sal's site is an admission of guilt. After all Sal's denials he finally owns up to listing the gold coins on eBay, and then not shipping them after finding out they were fake, and not refunding the buyers. He blames all this on someone else, sure, but he admits having done it! Now just prove he's the one who posted the site, pretty easy if Comcast will cooperate with the cops as I'm sure they will, and case closed. Lock him up, throw away the key.

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