NFS is a real bitch. I got the diskless systems booted, yes, but not reliably, and after a few seconds I get "Input/output error" or something equally useful; and then it might start working again later. Weird. I'm pretty sure I troubleshot these problems at Dialtone, and solved them, years ago but here it is all over again, sticking out its tongue at me.

Fixed my updateip script to force an update with dyndns.org after 30 days. Tested minimally, I hope I didn't put any new bugs in. In case I ever get everything automated here so I can leave for another vacation, I want that working by itself. I'd still really like to head up to Nova Scotia for the 400-year Cajun settlement anniversary and the Comeau/Comeaux family reunion. And/or visit some online acquaintances in San Francisco.

Trying to rid my mind both of that lying scumbag in Philly, and the disturbing image of him put on the BBS by one of the other participants, since removed, his head being shit out of a grotesquely distended anal cavity.

Neighborhood kids are starting to use the internet café, I hauled in a couple of dollars today. All most of them want to do is visit the Cartoon Network site. I've seen this same site being used by kids from coast to coast, and now here in Baja (here, of course, is a mirror in the Spanish language). To me it's just silly games, but they must see more in it than that, as they can continue for hours, or would if they had the money.

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