Last November, a discussion about mouse behavior (or lack thereof) in the 2.6 kernel ensued between Linus Torvalds and Vojtech Pavlik. Many configurations with either PS/2 or USB mice are affected by the new drivers, sometimes in console mode but more often after starting XFree86.

Many suggestions and workarounds have been offered, from setting "psmouse.proto=imps" to editing your XF86Config file. I've tried eveey solution I've googled up so far and still my mouse starts jumping around and clicking things all by itself at various phases of the X and KDE startup phases. The only difference is the kernel; the same setup works fine under 2.4.22. I've also tried eliminating a lot of stuff from the kernel that wasn't absolutely necessary, just to see if anything would change, but nope. I wonder how many other people have abandoned plans to upgrade to 2.6 because of this or similar problems.

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