Just got to the part in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man where the narrator is being released after the shock treatments. This is one amazing book. I remember that I read it back in the 60's but damned if I remember anything about it, it all seems completely new to me. Maybe if I really read it back then I didn't have the experience necessary to make any sense of it.

I just took apart the JB1 camera. The chip inside is, I guess, similar to the STV0680B, its number is STV0674T100. To take apart the camera, you basically pry it open at the crack, after slicing through the serial number label at the bottom and removing the one screw hidden under the last digits of the S/N. The piezo buzzer and crystal are hiding the chip numbers, you need to lift both carefully. Well, be careful with the crystal at least, if you want the damned thing to work again when you're done. Unfortunately, there's this little square of black plastic that fell out somewhere in the process and I can't figure out where it belongs. Hopefully if it's important, it will become apparent.

For now, gotta see if I can dig up some dirt on this chip online without having to pay too much. I could probably buy a webcam for $10 to $20 that works with Linux, but this should, and it's a challenge I feel like pursuing at the moment.

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