Going to try blogging on the Clie and uploading later when I get access to my server again. The past few days have been quite a rush. Kristi Helms's book signing. Meeting a bunch of people IRL for the first time and feeling like Ive known them all my life. Several failed attempts at busking, then finally success last night when a slightly inebriated bachelorette party asked me for a song. I sang Changes in Latitudes and they tipped me $10. Went to the 24-hour Safeway and bought dates and pine nuts in a lame attempt to atone for my complete failure at foraging here in SF. Plenty of date palms in the public areas but the birds get all the good fruits leaving me only seeds and the meatless dried-up dates. Kristi's new book is an excellent follow-on to Invisible Man. In both books the heroes are becoming free of the Matrix as they begin to see through the veil of half-truths and outright lies that spell Reality for the masses. Picked up a new book on the street yesterday. A freebie Advance Reading Copy of Rich Shapero's Wild Animus. I was afraid it would be a waste of time but it's proving that some free things are worth far more than what you paid.

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