Had this been an actual emergency... I failed. The pain in my feet slowed me down to 1 mph. That fact, combined with an almost total lack of known (to me) forageables, and a very narrow shoulder, on this stretch of road between Santa Ynez and Santa Barbara, made me lose confidence in my ability to make it to SB.

So when I limped into Cachuma Lake Park this afternoon, I spent almost $l2 on food and asked the kids who work there if anybody would take $3 in exchange for a ride. No takers, but Christy called her fiancé, James, who used to hitchhike a lot himself and was glad to give me the lift. On top of that, the workers and one of the customers all gave me money, so actually I've got a few dollars more than I went in with!

James told me SB's transit system doesn't connect with LA's, so I've got to look around for alternatives.

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