Every now and then you might find me using the alternative spelling method I'm developing in apa_jc.txt. I finally found the spelling reform document attributed to Mark Twain, after my mentor Hipbone told me George Bernard Shaw was a big proponent of spelling reform. Naturally I haven't liked any of the systems I found, so I am stubbornly creating yet another.

mai sistem uil hev ye list inkansistinsiz posibl, end ye list uested efort. it wil bi posibl to iuz it uiy ol lenguedjiz, por ehemplo espaniol, oder doitx. signifai proper nemz or ekronimz satx ez John Comeau or GNU uiy aper kes or `back ticks`, uitx ken olso bi iuzd for eni netiv spelinz. ez iu ken si, ai hevint iet disaided on ye iusiz av 'w' end 'u'.

Anyway, I'll be experimenting with this from time to time; any comments appreciated.

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