I'm not too impressed with ev1's dedicated server division. It turns out it was rebooted within minutes, but it took them almost exactly 24 hours to get it back on the net. Anyway, I just about finished the job, despite my own router being on the blink for a while today, forcing me to go to a competitor's internet cafe and pay $11 pesos per hour for 2 hours. Apparently a long-term brownout, not uncommon here. It turns out the biggest problems were suexec being enabled, and PHP being built with safe mode enabled... apparently when it's configured like that at compile time it ignores any directive turning it off in php.ini. Bummer. Anyway I just made a directory /usr/local/php_safe_mode and linked to every executable I needed from there. I didn't want to build a new php module and break a bunch of other stuff. The app works now but has some warts; waiting for some feedback from the owner before I continue.

I'm making some progress with postforth-2. I think I'm on The Right Track this go-round, but time will tell.

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