Yeeeeeeah! Got postFORTH version 2 finally underway. Decided on a magic number of RZ, which is on x86 machines push %edx; pop %edx, using this interpreter from binfmt_misc. Check out the Makefile for some neat hacks. I had to study the texinfo for make for hours to figure out how to do that stuff elegantly. Sure does look simple now, doesn't it?

Now I've just got to write the compiler itself, all downhill from here, yeah, right... Anyway I like the way this is looking. For now. If I run into problems, I can always go back and play with versions 0 or 1.

I've been feeling bloated the past couple of days, so bought some nopal and have been munching it this afternoon. Got to lay off the pastries for a while, I guess.

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