I keep having to relearn the same shit over and over. If using pxelinux, you can either use nfsroot, and do your setup with /sbin/init; or you can use an initrd, in which case the nfsroot won't be available for you (until the linuxrc script exits), so you have to have a real mount program, not just ash-knoppix, to mount your NFS shares from the initrd. There are, seemingly, exceptions to this, as I've found with google searches, but I don't really understand them, and if you want to keep things simple you'll do one or the other. Which, I am having to admit, makes the likelihood of modifying a Damn Small Linux distribution into a thin client image is probably more trouble than it's worth... I'm more likely better off continuing the work I was doing before, creating a pared-down custom image.

My body seems to be back to normal now, more or less, and has been since around noon today. Whatever toxins I ingested are working their way out of my system. I thought that near-death experience would scare me into sticking to my diet, but nope. Ate a healthy seafood soup for lunch -- with two beers and a stack of tostadas. Then went across the street to the panaderia for a donut. Hell, you only live once. WTF.

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