Wow, what a bitch installing dosemu on Debian can be. Luckily I found this German site that gives the correct installation instructions.

So why am I installing dosemu? I took a job at RAC today for a small HC11 project... it was only supposed to be to help with wiring some LEDs to the microcontroller, but I had to prove my wiring instructions were correct, so I was trying to help with the programming too... and I don't know HC11 assembler. I told the buyer that from the get-go, but it was getting hairy there for a while. I tried this and that, things that should work weren't, Anyway, I wanted to install an emulator but couldn't find one for Linux, so am installing dosemu to install the HC11 emulator under that... convoluted, huh?

I keep making changes to my websites and losing them. Am I losing my mind or what? Plus, my back is out of whack and I can't turn my head without pain. And one of the computers still locks up when trying to read from the mouse; and this version of Linux, 2.4.22, doesn't allow for the PS2 mouse driver to be installed as a module. The goddamned SSA hasn't sent my SS card yet, so I can't get my programming income from RAC. Something has to give.

On the plus side: I'm still breathing. I've got money to eat for a while. My lady still hasn't given up on me. Bush is going to lose the election... well, he is, isn't he?

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