Goddamn useless gummint offices. Went to SSA in Chula Vista today for my second attempt at getting a Social Security card sent to me at the San Diego address that collects my mail for me. They said they sent one a month ago. I said that's right, they should have, since that's when I was last there to request one. They said the Post Office must have failed to deliver. I admitted that was possible. They said they'll put in one more order for a card, and if I don't get it, it's not their fault, I'll have to deal with the Post Office. I said I get other mail at that address with no problem. She (let's drop the anonymous "they", OK?) then shook her head as if to emphasize "that's not my concern". I offered to have it FedEx'ed at my expense. She said "that's not necessary". Which means they don't give a flying fuck if I get my card or not, as long as their paperwork is done.

OK, I have an announcement to make. It's only tangentally related to the above, and it's something I've been thinking about long and hard for over a year. I'm going to file for disability and start collecting my Social Security now rather than 17 years from now.

My Dad will turn over in his grave. My hard-working brother and sister will probably disown me, as will my libertarian-minded friends and online acquaintances. I'll probably lose at least half my blog audience and the 2 cents a day I collect on average from my Google ads. My Mom will probably forgive me, only because she always cuts me more slack than I deserve and her love goes beyond all the horrible things I do.

Yes, it's horrible. I admit it. It's wrong, damned wrong, and I already regret the decision in advance. But I have my reasons. First, I never signed any goddamned "cross-generational contract", a term which I never heard until reading about it this year in a Social Security publication. The money I paid in Social Security taxes was, so I thought, for my retirement. Now we have this spendthrift in the White House, with his lackeys up the hill, burdening the future generations of Americans with a mortgage for which they can't possibly afford the payments. So what's going to happen to my retirement money? Will it be there in 2021? I have sufficient doubts to warrant the breach of faith I'm about to commit.

Another reason is in-line with that. I want to deprive this government of as much operating capital as possible. That's why I'm making this decision public, to encourage others to follow suit. Let's see John Galt's bet and raise him. Let's not only withdraw our brains and bodies from the labor force, let's take back everything we paid in to the machine, and maybe even more. Here's my offer to show my seriousness. The first 10 people who follow my example will, after proving it to my satisfaction, be entitled to 3 days of urban survival training, a $3000 value, by Yours Truly, as discussed at redpill.unternet.net. Don't wait forever, I'll change my mind eventually and post a retraction, at which point the offer is over.

I'm sure I can think of other reasons, if pressed. The point is, I've made up my mind, the wheels are in motion, and it's going to happen. Those who no longer wish to be associated with me, I understand and wish you well.

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