Well, I had downloaded the latest Java 1.4 SDK the other day, and tried to get the JRE plugin to work with Firefox. After googling and trying different things, I got Firefox to stop crashing by linking, as several articles mentioned -- however, I would still get the "plugin" icon (a puzzle piece) and no applets would work.

The problem was the way I made the symlink. I burned the SDK to a CDROM using this script, since I don't have enough room on my hard drive, and mounted it under /usr/src/j2sdk1.4.2_06; but to make it easier to remember, I symlinked that to /usr/src/j2sdk. And I made my plugin symlink like so:

cd /opt/firefox/plugins
ln -s /usr/src/j2sdk/jre/plugin/i386/ns610-gcc32/libjavaplugin_oji.so .

But out of desperation tonight, I decided to symlink it directly:

cd /opt/firefox/plugins
ln -sf /usr/src/j2sdk1.4.2_06/jre/plugin/i386/ns610-gcc32/libjavaplugin_oji.so .

Now applets work. So Firefox can follow symlinks only so far?

Slowly getting back everything I lost when the hard drive crashed. Now for Asterisk.

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