Got a call to my jfax voicemail, and received it in my Yahoo! email inbox. How do I listen to it? I'd forgotten how; actually, not sure I ever figured it out under Linux. Turned out to be easy; the sox 'play' program knows how to play .gsm format perfectly. I set up firefox to do this by default from now on, as I had previously set up gimv to view the .jfx (tiff) faxes.

It was from Social Security, regarding the disability application I had filled out on the web. The guy wanted me to call him. No mention of email; email doesn't exist. Like hell it doesn't. I guessed at the spelling of his name, sent an email to firstname.lastname@ssa.gov asking what the call was about. Didn't really expect an answer. Ha! Got one a few minutes ago. He wasn't even curious as to how I found his email address; I guess he just takes it for granted that anyone can figure it out.

Got my biggest RAC job so far, $200. Let's hope I don't botch it up.

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