OK, so I pissed away another month without much progress. Asterisk was no problem to install, but I haven't been able to test it because I can't find a SIP softphone with a small enough footprint to install on my puny hard drive. And still haven't gone into SD to pick up my new 160 gigger. But I will day after tomorrow, when I go in to help fire Bush and give someone else a chance to fuck the US and the world over for 4 years. I don't really expect a lot out of Bush's sorority sister, but he can't possibly be any worse... can he? Please tell me "no".

Finally figured out how to configure nirc using the .nircrc file rather than using 'vi' on the binary, isn't that nice? Also set up my fake identd service again to speed up connections to some IRC servers. Not much of an accomplishment, but every little bit helps. Now to get back to testing more softphones... laterz...

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