Installed the webcam package according to http://www.aboutdebian.com/webcam.htm and it works! Check c0D3 r3D's cam here. Not much to see most of the time, so try and catch it during dawn or dusk, when the light is enough to see but not so much as to cause washout. Eventually I'll install the motion package, or configure/hack webcam differently, so I can review a stream of images in case somebody steals something (conveniently at one of the 30 minutes a day when the goings-on are visible!)

Note that the input = webcam parameter in webcam.conf (or .webcamrc) is not valid, neither is the example given in the manpage. I don't know what the hell they mean. I just commented out the parameter altogether and it worked. You can get rid of the tmp = parameter too, it's nonintuitive (to me) and it has a built-in default that works.

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