The Gringo Gazette has two interesting stories on its front page, one about a "million years" worth of energy for Baja California and the western coast of the United States in the form of methane off Ensenada, and the other about a real estate scandal in which Hugo Torres, "owner of the Rosarito Beach Hotel and Rosarito's leading businessman", is allegedly embroiled.

The first might be part of a plan to convince the United States to purchase Baja from Mexico, a meme which seems to be gaining ground since I first heard it from a famous pundit on a private web forum. My own, related, fear is that shrub, on finding out about energy reserves in Baja, might decide to liberate this part of Mexico from its "ruthless dictator". Hell, for shrub's purposes, Torres could serve as the dictator. Who the fuck cares about accuracy anyway?

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