A lot happening, but I can't give out details because they involve people other than myself who have already expressed disapproval of appearing in my blog. But I guess I can relate that I'm now clean-shaven and dressed somewhat normally rather than my usual Vagabond Chic. I will probably know in the next 48 hours whether or not I get a fairly lucrative contract job which ought to cover my next year's expenses unless I splurge (which I'll probably do, but that's another story). And I'm slowly getting back on track on some of the projects that died with my laptop earlier this year.

Quick tip: don't use zdiff when you don't have to; it's excruciatingly inefficient, slow, and resource-intensive; apparently it decompresses the targets into /tmp and then compares them! For gzipped files, use cmp with the -i switch to skip the timestamps in the headers:

$ for file in chr*; do cmp -i 8 $file 2bit/$file; done

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