Just checked my web logs, and someone had been hitting my webcam a lot, so decided just for kicks to trace it back... it went through California to Chicago, to New York, to London, Paris... and ended up in Hungary! Cool. So I tried the IP in links and got an audio retailer's website: D-audio webaruhaz: elektronikai es szamitastechnikai cikkek, akatreszek. Whatever the fuck that means.

Still hacking away at the Blackberry app. I've been getting some help from RIM, but got a little disappointed today when my contact there punted and told me the maximum .cod file size was 128kbytes. Yeah, right, that was true at one point but no more. But anyway, I think it's safe to say the 3MB filesize of my application is at least part of the problem. I'm going to bring it down to under 1MB with compression, and see if that'll fly. I'd sure like to finish this job and move onto something else.

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