I remember now why, years ago, I stopped going Greyhound for long trips. Too hard on the old back. You're stuck sitting in one position for way too long. Still, it's cheap. I would have paid $113 on the gummint-subsidized Amtrak for the same trip, and only if I'd purchased about 3 weeks in advance. Greyhound's discount price starts 7 days in advance, and was $59. Plus it leaves from San Ysidro, meaning I didn't have to pay trolley or bus fare to downtown San Diego, as I would have had to do to reach Amtrak's Santa Fe Station across from America Plaza.

So anyway, I pulled into Santa Fe, NM about 10:30 local time, and went looking for a 24-hour Kinko's or, failing that, a Denny's. I found the latter after about a 2-mile walk, and they told me I had passed the 24-hour Kinko's way back by the bus station! So when I had hung out there for a while I came back and, sure enough, there was Kinko's right by the road. I really ought to fix my eyes one of these days.

Problem is, even though I slept a good part of the way, my mind is too jumbled to concentrate on the program I'm supposed to finish. The techno music playing at this Kinko's isn't helping at all.

Oh, well. It's in the 30's outside, and nice and warm in here. And the one employee that I've seen is leaving me alone as he goes about his work. What more can a vagabond ask?

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