Got a free ride to Kinko's from a taxi driver. No more Pepsi tonight. I used to be able to handle that shit, even after the Neanderthin transformation, but no more. Besides the gas, it exacerbates the acidosis I've already been experiencing due to work stress and bad diet. When I started coughing today, I knew it was time to get back to a healthy diet. I dropped over $20 at the Osaka restaurant on a few pieces of sashimi and a couple of tiny shishkebabs of chicken with veggies, but if it keeps me from getting sick it's worth it.

Caught a few minutes sleep in the library this afternoon. So far I've had zero luck getting any sleep outdoors, even in the warmest part of the day. Cross off Santa Fe, New Mexico from your list of good places to winter. Piss-poor for foraging too. Haven't seen a single prickly pear cactus yet in this godforsaken town. A few red berries I'm not familiar with, and some rose hips are all I remember seeing so far.

Also started My Ishmael, of course by Daniel Quinn, this time telling the story of the telepathic ape from the perspective of a young girl. Fascinating, as were the others.

Still got a ways to go on my program. I'm just about ready to call it quits and start paying back my customer. I like having money to spend on stuff, but it's not worth the mental agony. Or maybe it is. Let's see how it goes tonight. Noticed for the first time this Kinko's has free coffee for customers. Wow. Free internet, power, and coffee. What more do you want?

Oh, and my Timex Ironman watch finally called it quits this morning after, what, about 15 years? I could have replaced the battery, but three of the buttons were broken off, too, so I went to Sears to buy another the same. The Ironman they had was over $80 and didn't even have the nice Velcro band of the previous sub-$40 model, so I got the Expedition instead. It's marked only 100 meters instead of the 200 of the Ironman, but at about 20 meters down you might as well write me off anyway, so what the fuck.

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