Up to p. 700 of Leon Uris' excellent historical novel Trinity, having completed one programming project and waiting on the arrival of another Sony Clié before I can continue with the other. DHL should have it here tomorrow; got it for about $220 on eBay. Don't know what happened to the old one but one day it just wouldn't come back on...

The play Trouble in Columbus has finished its run at the Tumbleweed Theater, and things are once again quiet at City of the Sun. Last night we had a guest speaker, Harvey Lisle, a famous student of the anthroposophist Rudolph Steiner and a pioneer in earth-friendly agricultural methods such as biodynamics. He's also a dowser of note, and demonstrated his technique with both L-rods and the Y-rod, the latter of which he had made with two flexible plastic rods joined by a wirenut. Plus, he gave his bread recipe: allow biodynamically-grown wheat to sprout for 3 days, then blend it. Form into large balls and put into the oven for 2.5 hours at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Result: dark, rich, tasty nutritious bread with no added water, yeast, salt, oil, sugars or anything else you can think of: 100% pure wheat.

I had a number of other things to share but can't think of them now. Plus some more things I'm not yet ready to share. Be patient... my life is kind of in a shambles at the moment. But I'm a survivor.

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