The Quinn books I ordered started arriving. I finished up My Ishmael, which you may remember I started while in Santa Fe, and it kicks royal ass. Better than Ishmael and The Story of B both in explaining how the Taker control system works and what we can do about it.

I also finished a book called Shakkai by Lynn V. Andrews, but wouldn't recommend it. Very little in it rings true to me, and isn't even all that entertaining as fiction. According to the jacket cover, it wasn't even intended for male readers, so maybe that's the problem.

Then yesterday I started another book, Power Vs. Force by David R. Hawkins. Highly recommended. Except for some utter bogosity in relating his system to societal structure, which probably brings down the book's own "point value" by several points (I may test to find out, once I finish the book), it looks like the best approach yet to gain access to the Akashic Records without having to have any spiritual openness. If my suspicion is correct, the globalists forced the publisher to insert those 2 or 3 pages of antitribal nonsense.

Had a weird dream night before last. I was in a hilly area of a city somewhat reminiscent of San Diego, heading up a steep street which as I continued actually turned out to be a 90-degree incline; I was climbing up the side of a building, just by grabbing onto the 1/4 inch or so ledges formed in the concrete. Almost effortlessly, I reached the top; it was all laid out in dark granite, like a mausoleum or funeral home or something, and there was a funeral going on towards the center of the floor, which was partly roofed. I went over to find the elevator back down, and it reached the top just as I got there; but it was some crazy kind of elevator, just a sofa rigged with rope or bungee cords or something. I got in anyway, but after going down one floor lost my balance, and started swinging back-and-forth way out over the city, sitting in that sofa attached to bungee cords. Then I woke up. Freaky.

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