Heh. Found out something more about getting cash at the P.O.; it's not just once a day as I thought, you can get $50 cash back per transaction as long as your debit card honors the transactions and as long as the clerk tolerates you and has the cash. I just got $300 cash and no longer need a ride into Deming. Cool. Plus I just filled out my application for property tax exemption and will mail it in. What a concept. I don't think I've used the U.S. mail more than a handful of times since I quit working for them.

The exemption is based on my having donated the use of my lot to the Ishmael community. They'll probably deny it at first but if so maybe I can find a corrupt lawyer to "fix" it for me for a reasonable fee.

Now to find a decent price for WRT54G online; so far I haven't found anything that beats the Deming Wal-Mart's in-store price yet, not even walmart.com.

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