Got my two new Linksys WRT54G routers today... they are both v2.2 so the stock OpenWRT firmware (nor Sveasoft's Satori) will work with them... so I'm using OpenWRT's experimental branch code, which seems a little flaky but after the second reboot seems to be usable. I don't dare hook it directly into the library's network, but have it connected via my wireless card while my laptop's ethernet port is hooked into the library's network. Then I ran python's SimpleHTTPServer.test() while having the router's /etc/ipkg.conf set to:

@OpenWrt:/# cat /etc/ipkg.conf
#src openwrt http://openwrt.org/ipkg
src openwrt
dest root /
dest ram /tmp

Then I could update my package list with ipkg update after downloading it to a file ipkg/Packages under my default directory before invoking Python. Heckuva lot easier than setting up Apache or (ugh!) IIS.

Lately my wireless card has been overheating and locking up my laptop -- always something. Just yanking it out lets me regain control, but sooner or later I'll have to replace it.

Finished Power vs. Force. The author seems to be full of himself, but that's cool, so am I. His viewpoint is so globalist and anti-tribalist in places, I'm beginning to wonder if the etheric data available through kinesiology is only what's being broadcast on the Taker spiritual network. But I guess I'll find that out once I start experimenting with it. I'd really rather find a way to do it solo -- he says one can, making a loop with the forefinger and thumb and trying to pry it apart with the other hand, but that doesn't seem to be reliable for me. I'm thinking of using some spring-loaded method that can be triggered to pull with a constant amount of force each time I release it with a footswitch or something.

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